Welcome to Death Penalty, the fanlisting for Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII. He made his debut in the classic 1997 SquareEnix game as an optional playable character, and his popularity granted him a bigger role in his various appearances within the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, including a starring role in the 2006 third-person shooter RPG, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII.

Vincent is a dark and brooding man of few words, living with guilt over a mysterious past. He chooses to atone for his past sins by going into an eternal slumber, but is awoken by Cloud on his journey to defeat Sephiroth. He decides to join the party in order to seek revenge on Professor Hojo, the man who turned him into a monster. Despite being a totally missable character in the original game, he proves to be an important comrade who helps Cloud and his friends save the planet from destruction ♪


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